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Roman Rembovsky

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Roman Rembovsky

Roman Rembovsky, Mgr. art. Art.D

Date of birth: 19th April 1977, Rovno, Ukrajina

Address: Madacova 18, 034 01 Ruzomberok, Slovakia


2005 Academy of fine arts and design, Bratislava
Departament of painting, Prof. Jan Berger
2003 Academy of fine arts, Banska Bystrica
Departament of painting, Prof. Ludovit Holoska

I take my actual works as a dialogue between the past and the present through something that I would name honour of painting composition structures with elements of direct and indirect quotations. I try to define my own vision of painting based on classical building up of a picture. The dominant element of drapery is the thing we can call indirect quotation, something that refers, maybe only sensually, to the great heritage of the mannerism, baroque, classicism or the 20th century periods. I try to give homogenity to this movement of things, graphical elements, shaping complicacy and colour and form one painting "mass". This chaos ordering, confrontation of natural organic structure with decorativeness, bringing poetry to the dailiness, takes place on simple motives of textiles, something that is related by its character to the appearance of the country or even human body.

In the composition of still life I use folk motives as well as elements connected to the post-industrial society. In the next phase of my work I enter the area of the picture with human figure. It becomes an element organically binder but also retreating in favour of dominating draperies. I take this element in composition as a quite paradox. "Carnival" of objects is transformed and organized into something related to universe. "Textile landscapes" and phantomatic figure-indoor motives, that are twisted and binded in their forms to the networks of structures. I try to go under the perceived reality, give things unitary temperature, where the reality is perceived on the limits of illusion and anaturalistic abstraction. Objecting, but also bringing poetry to the regular things can evoke irregularity of the regular, can irritate our eyes by crossing the physical effect of reality, can tend to unification, some kind of "metaphysical freezing". Recently I have been working on figure-indoor motives with social undertone. I look for fragments of human existence as well as for methods of their formal interpretation. The story is situated in closed space, concretely in a corner of a room, so that there is created a feeling of loneliness of the person as far as claustrophobia. For all I am interest in the form of painting as a self-sufficient medium.

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